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Art Practice in 'Justice Online': Whisper Between Dances and Games


Dance is one of the oldest art forms of mankind. The interpretation of dance moves not only shows the dancer's emotional expression, but also contains profound cultural connotations. In the market, the use of dance in games is mainly focused on dance games, but in fact, the significance of dance to games is much deeper and broader. "Justice Online" is a high quality MMORPG developed by NetEase Games Thunder Fire with a background in the Northern Song Dynasty. The action designer shows the accumulation of dance culture in the Northern Song Dynasty by restoring the real dance movements in the game.Because the background era of the game belongs to the Northern Song Dynasty, the action designers chose Chinese classical dance. Classical dance is a representative dance in traditional Chinese art, which can be traced back to ancient Chinese court dances. It is a dance that combines strength and softness, and its interpretation has a certain degree of difficulty. If it is produced purely through animation, the actual deductive effect will lack artistic expression. Therefore, we invited famous national dancers to choreograph the dance moves in Justice Online and use motion capture technology to simultaneously map the graceful posture of the dancers into the game. With the help of a professional choreographer team, the elegance and extravagance of the Song Dynasty are presented in a panoramic view of the dance.The uniqueness of stage art is that each scene is unique, and each scene cannot be reproduced or copied. Art is very valuable. We have been committed to dialogue with dance artists and continue and reuse their artistic creations through motion capture technology. At the same time, through the dance performance in the game, to achieve the publicity and influence of the dance art on the players. Through this lecture, you can understand how we cooperate with dancers through motion capture technology in game action design, and how to use dance actions in animation production and character action design.

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