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Session Name: (307) Independent Games Summit
Speaker(s): Thomas Arundel, Vicky Arundel, John Beck, Jonathan Blow, Matt Bozon, Raigan Burns, Tom Buscaglia, Jamie Cheng, Ryan Clark, N\'Gai Croal, Dylan Cuthbert, Bill Dugan, Brent Fox, Tracy Fullerton, Kyle Gabler, Kyle Gray, Alec Holowka, Chris Hughes, Arthur K Humphrey, Pekko Koskinen, Joseph Lieberman, Noel Llopis, Jonathan Mak, Mark Morris, Chris Pasley, Kellee Santiago, Mare Sheppard, Steve Swink, Steve Taylor, Stephen Totilo, Jacob Van Wingen, Nick Waanders, Matthew Wegner, Josh Williams, Derek Yu
Company Name(s): Introversion, Introversion Software, WayForward Technologies, Number None, Inc., WayForward, , Dev Biz, Inc., Klei Entertainment, Grubby Games Inc., Hit Detection, Q - Games, Torpex Games, Wahoo Studios / NinjaBee, USC School of Cinematic Arts, 2D Boy, Tomorrow Corporation, Infinite Ammo, FlashGame..., Last Day of Work, Playsign, Arcade Town, Snappy Touch, Queasy Games, Introversion Software, Kongregate, thatgamecompany, Metanet Software, Enemy Airship, Wahoo Studios / NinjaBee, MTV News, Gastronaut Studios LLC, Slick Entertainment, Flashbang Studios, Alamofire, Independent
Track / Format: Business and Management

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GDC 2008

Thomas Arundel


Vicky Arundel

Introversion Software

John Beck

WayForward Technologies

Jonathan Blow

Number None, Inc.

Matt Bozon


Raigan Burns

Tom Buscaglia

Dev Biz, Inc.

Jamie Cheng

Klei Entertainment

Ryan Clark

Grubby Games Inc.

N\'Gai Croal

Hit Detection

Dylan Cuthbert

Q - Games

Bill Dugan

Torpex Games

Brent Fox

Wahoo Studios / NinjaBee

Tracy Fullerton

USC School of Cinematic Arts

Kyle Gabler

2D Boy

Kyle Gray

Tomorrow Corporation

Alec Holowka

Infinite Ammo

Chris Hughes


Arthur K Humphrey

Last Day of Work

Pekko Koskinen


Joseph Lieberman

Arcade Town

Noel Llopis

Snappy Touch

Jonathan Mak

Queasy Games

Mark Morris

Introversion Software

Chris Pasley


Kellee Santiago


Mare Sheppard

Metanet Software

Steve Swink

Enemy Airship

Steve Taylor

Wahoo Studios / NinjaBee

Stephen Totilo

MTV News

Jacob Van Wingen

Gastronaut Studios LLC

Nick Waanders

Slick Entertainment

Matthew Wegner

Flashbang Studios

Josh Williams


Derek Yu


free content

Business and Management

Business & Marketing