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BlackBerry (RIM) Developer Day


The BlackBerry Application Platform, centered around compelling mobile applications, creates a world of opportunity for the entire ecosystem, including developers, content providers, advertisers, IT administrators, and people using mobile applications. Flexible development tools and application distribution options with over 36 million active BlackBerry smartphone users makes it easy for everyone to benefit from mobile applications.
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Business Overview of Gaming on BlackBerry
Speakers: Alex McCallum (RIM), Janice Malatches (RIM)
This session will describe the face of gaming today on BlackBerry smartphones, the market opportunity, deployment and distribution (including special focus on BlackBerry App World), working with carriers, working with RIM, and lastly, will feature an overview of how RIM's in-app payment and advertising APIs could be used to further enhance revenue.

Technical Overview of Gaming on BlackBerry
Speakers: Paul Bernhardt (RIM), Sean Paul Taylor (RIM)
This session will arm developers with everything they need to start developing games on BlackBerry smartphones. It will explain the languages and technologies of the BlackBerry platform, show you how to use the tools with for writing and testing your application, describe the hardware on which your applications will run, and lastly, explain some of the APIs specific to game developers.

What You Need to Know About Porting Games to BlackBerry
Speaker: Paul Bernhardt (RIM)
So you've already written a mobile game, BlackBerry is just another port, right? Wrong. Well, at least not if you're planning on getting any good reviews, anyway. This session will be focused on the user experience that end-users have come to expect from BlackBerry smartphones. It will explore the implications of background processing, device interaction models, screen resolutions, touch screens, and physical device keys. It will also contrast the two development options available on BlackBerry: MIDP and BlackBerry Java applications.

Way More Than MIDP: 2D Game Development for BlackBerry Smartphones
Speakers: Paul Bernhardt (RIM), Mike Barnes (NickelBuddy)
This session will overview 2D game development options on BlackBerry smartphones and take an in-depth look at best practices for developing 2D games for BlackBerry smartphones. Bring your notepad - this session features coding tips that will make your games faster, demonstrations of Adobe Creative Suite that will allow you to reduce the size of your games and reduce your time to market, and insights from those with hands-on experience that will simplify your development efforts.

Accelerate Your Game: OpenGL Game Development for BlackBerry Smartphones
Speaker: Steve Grenier (RIM)
This session will teach you everything you need to know in order to develop sensational games on BlackBerry smartphones. OpenGL support has opened the door for a whole new realm of games for BlackBerry users. Join us for an in-depth technical discussion of game development and best practices using OpenGL ES on BlackBerry for both 2D and 3D games. It's time to crank up those framerates and show the user some real eye candy.

Pump up the Volume: Adding Audio to Games on BlackBerry
Speaker: Rajeev Massand (RIM)
This session will provide you with all the information you need to add audio to your games, including codec support, hardware differences, APIs, best practices, and guidelines for handling device events.

Reach out and Touch Someone: Social and Casual Games on BlackBerry
Speakers: Martyn Mallick (RIM), Steve Grenier (RIM), Rajeev Massand (RIM)
This session will be take an in-depth look at social and casual gaming on BlackBerry. It will cover a business discussion of this market segment as it relates to BlackBerry smartphones, examine a case-study of a multiplayer game built on BlackBerry and discuss the APIs used to create the multiplayer experience, and take a look at the feasibility of using the WebKit browser for casual game development.

Panel: Show and Tell / Q and A
Speakers: David Hanson (Concrete Software), Sourabh Ahuja (Glu), Mike Barnes (NickelBuddy), Steve Grenier (RIM)
Three of mobile's top game vendors will show you what they did and tell you how they did it. Learn from the best - this is your opportunity to repeat the successes of others and avoid their mistakes. Also featured on this panel is one of RIM's graphics experts, so come armed with questions!

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