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The Evolution of Rodeo in 'Titanfall'


The 'Titanfall' series features wall-running pilots dueling massive titans on the battlefield. One of Titanfall's signature moments is something we call "rodeo",where pilots can sneak up on a titan and jump onto their back. In 'Titanfall', this culminates in the pilot ripping off an access panel and shooting the exposed circuitry to deal heavy damage. In 'Titanfall 2' however, rodeo becomes a cat-and-mouse game of the pilot stealing a titan battery, taking a chunk of the titan's health, and the titan frantically hunting down the pilot to get the battery back. Join Respawn Entertainment on a guided tour of the development of rodeo, as they reveal early prototypes, mediate on the lessons learned, discuss the difficulties involved in making sure that both titan and pilot understand exactly what is happening during rodeo, and detail what convinced them of the necessity to make large, sweeping changes to rodeo for 'Titanfall 2'.

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