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A Stitch in Time: Metaplanning for AI with Unusual Time Controls


Most games and therefore, game AI are developed with certain assumptions of how the world works. One assumption that is fairly universal is that time moves forward and what is done cannot be undone. But what if that assumption is violated? How do you write an AI when the player can freely edit the timeline of actions? In this lecture, Marq Singer and Dr. Chris Hazard talk in detail about creating the AI for their upcoming game, Plosh: Time Bomb. The game turns fast-paced crate-and-bomb game mechanics into a strategic, turn-based game where the players (including the AI players) are allowed to make changes to their strategies at any point in time during their turn. They will share algorithms and heuristics for how they approached this problem, including how the AI determines when in a plan to make modifications, They will also introduce metaplanning techniques and their "metaminmax" algorithm.

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